Služby a produkty pre oblasť NN, VN, VVN

Automation of High-Voltage Networks

  • Designing of objects and devices for automation of high-voltage networks in AutoCAD and Ruplan systems
  • Manufacturing and supply of devices for automation of high-voltage networks
  • Remotely controlled sectional switch disconnector
  • Remotely controlled recloser
  • Remotely controlled transformer station
  • Indicators of short circuit, ground fault in high-voltage networks
  • Indicator of voltage presence on the low-voltage outlets at transformer stations
  • Smart metering - remote reading of electricity meters
  • Service and manual reading of electricity meters
  • Provision of data transfer for dispatch management systems
  • Comprehensive functional tests
  • Service and inspection activities

Management Systems and SCADA

  • Supply of HW a SW solutions for management of energy complexes
  • Implementation of data collection from energetic objects using telemetric stations and systems
  • Supply, parameterisation and setup of management systems
  • Supply, parameterisation and setup of electrical protections
  • Monitoring and management of photovoltaic power plants, biogas stations and other energetic objects
  • Visualisations of technological processes in the SCADA system