About us

IFT InForm Technologies, a.s.

We are a company with a long-term focus on addressing the needs of our customers from the fields of distribution of electrical energy, power engineering, industry and renewable sources of electrical energy.

The portfolio of our activities and services includes designing activities, comprehensive supply of technologies for high voltage, middle voltage and low voltage levels. their setting, entry into operation, follow-up service, maintenance and professional examinations.

We provide services and supply in the field of systems of automated management (SmartGrid), setup and parameterisation of digital protections, data collection from defined meters (SmartMetering) and  technological units, their processing,  transfer and visualisation.

Thanks to our flexibility and innovative potential, we have rich experience in implementation of pilot projects of customer solutions built up based on new technologies.

Company history

IFT InForm Technologies, a.s. was founded in 2005. Our primary area of operation was supply, installation and engineering in the field of management systems, digital protections in electric substations and high-voltage stations.

With the use of modern technologies in data transfers, we have broadened portfolio of activities with manufacturingof devices for remote controlling of elements in the distribution networks, such as remotely controlled sectional switch disconnectors, remotely controlled transformer stations and reclosers.

At the same time, based on new telecommunication technologies, we have enriched our activities with the field of reading as well as collection and transfer of data from the invoicing meters. In 2008, we entered into the renewable sources segment. In this field, we have experience in constructing photovoltaic power plants, supply of systems for data collection for the purposes of dispatch management of distribution network of biogas stations, cogeneration units, photovoltaic power plants, ssmall hydroelectric power plants and other green sources of electricity.

At present, we have enriched our portfolio of activities with the solution for the issue in the field of distribution of electrical energy in the low voltage networks, their monitoring, automation, evaluation of operational states and supply of the so-called "smart low-voltage switchboards". On a considerable scale, we also offer supply and installation of charging stations of higher performance for electric vehicles.